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Advance Fee Scam – ‘MasterCard World Lottery 2013’

by Brett M. Christensen

Message purporting to be from credit card provider MasterCard claims that the recipient has won a million dollars in the MasterCard World Lottery for 2013.

Brief Analysis
The message is not from MasterCard. It is a typical advance fee lottery scam that attempts to trick recipients into sending money and personal information to cybercriminals.


Subject: ((Congratulations **Your Account Has Won $1,000,000.00



Contents of attached Microsoft Word file:
MasterCard ® / Mega-Jackpot
MasterCard ® Office: 194 Regent Street, Westminster London,W1S 2XG, United Kingdom.
Director Name, Dr.. Blaine Vandergate
Direct Phone:  +447012957470 MasterCard.Cell Phone No:+447012957470 MasterCard
Fax No: +4470-1117-4230  MasterCard


TICKET NUMBER: 08 16 20 24 25 40
AMOUNT WON: $1,000,000.00.

Dear Winner,

This email address has brought you an unexpected luck; we know this may be a surprise to you because you were not informed about this Promo. Please read through this message. Your e-mail address was selected and confirmed by our co-sponsor Microsoft International MasterCard® Credit Card Jackpot 2013, through their latest internet software. You are therefore been approved by MasterCard® / Visa Card International to receive $1,000,000.00 in credit card to be delivered to you at your resident/house address.

Equivalent to $480,000,000 US Dollars (Four Hundred And Eight Million US Dollars). In cash, Credited to MasterCard No. 5283 0421 0025 3621and With Reg. No. MCIMJ: 5148/4178 which have been Verified on the user of this E-mail Address Account. You are the ninth (9th) lucky winner of the total winners of 60 Take Note.

You all won $1,000,000.00USD each. Be informed that your prize (MasterCard No 5283 0421 0025 3621) has been insured/Debited with the sum won and ready for pay out and delivery to your house address. Which you will be to withdrawal your fund from any ATM point in your country.

Furthermore your details (e-mail address) falls within our REGIONAL representative office in Africa as indicated in your play coupon and your Credit Card prize of ($1,000,000.00) will be released to you from this regional branch in Africa. Be informed that your winning Credit Card (MasterCard No. 5283 0421 0025 3621) has been insured and ready fordelivery to your house address by the regional issuing crediting bank (INTERCONTINENTAL BANK PLC) and it is ready and programmed in your name .Contact your claims administrator for further instructions and delivery-MasterCard®.

MasterCard® Claims Administrator Region
Name: MRS Grace Campbell

Again for your information, all the 10 participants were selected through the Microsoft computer ballot system (MCBS) drawn from each continent and from each ISP, by the most powerful Microsoft Software Incorporation, as part of our International “E-MAIL” Promotions/Advert Program, to promote the use of MasterCard’s and the use of Microsoft Offices all over the World. Furthermore, to promote the use of online payments, for the settlement of debts (taxes) and payment of bills reduce of poverty.

Your funds $1,000,000.00 One Million Us Dollars has been lodge in this MasterCard No. (5283 0421 0025 3621) on behalf of your E-mail Account, insured and ready for delivery. All you have to do is provide the necessary information to process your MasterCard Certificate and to upgrade our upcoming WEBSITE. Please note that they are imposter’s (Scammers) who pretend to be us, so be careful and report to me any case of double information you receive from someone else.

Do email the above Claims Administrator, at once with all the claims requirements below. To avoid unnecessary delay. The information’s below are needed to for immediate processing to embark.

Claims Requirements:
1. Full Name:
2. Nationality:
3. Age:
4. Occupation:
5. Mobile Phone:
7.MasterCard No:5283 0421 0025 3621
To view out 2012 past lucky winner click:


Contact the Claims Administrator with all your claims requirements well filled. Your claims Administrator will give you all the guide lines on how to process your claims. Your claims administrator has the due right to disqualify you for misconduct; you are to keep your winning private until delivery. Any mail received of such should be reported to the claims Administrator above. This will help fight scam.

Mrs. Mercy Hunt @

MasterCard® / Microsoft® Mega Jackpot.

Sponsored by MasterCard® / Visa Card



Detailed Analysis
According to this message, which is delivered in the form of a Microsoft Word document attached to a “winning notification” email, the recipient has won one million dollars in a “World Lottery” organized by MasterCard and co-sponsored by Microsoft. Supposedly, the recipient’s email address was selected as the winning entry via Microsoft’s “latest internet software”.

The rather convoluted Word document, which is cluttered with several large MasterCard logos, instructs the “winner” to contact a claims agent to begin the process of claiming the funds. The document also includes several images supposedly depicting past winners of the lottery.

But, alas, the recipient’s email address did not bring him or her “unexpected luck” at all.  The message is not from MasterCard, has zero affiliation with Microsoft, and the promised prize is the figment of a canny criminal’s devious imaginings.

And, the pictures of “past winners” have been stolen from various reports discussing MasterCard charitable or community projects.

Those who take the bait and send their “claims requirements” to the designated “Claims Agent”, will soon be asked to send money, ostensibly to cover expenses such as insurance, banking fees, delivery costs, tax, and a host of other – entirely imaginary – obligations. Requests for more and more fees may continue for the life of the scam. The “agent” will make it very clear from the outset that the fees must be fully paid in advance, or the prize offer will be withdrawn. And, when the scam finally ends, the criminal can melt away with his stolen funds leaving the hapless victim waiting in vain for his or her million-dollar windfall.

And, to make matters worse, the criminal may have managed to collect enough personal and financial information from his victim that he can steal the victim’s identity. Or the valuable data may be sold via the criminal marketplace to other fraudsters.

As with many such scams, the +4470 phone numbers used in the scam message are personal forwarding numbers that can be configured to divert to another number chosen by the scammer. The  +44 country code can fool victims into believing that they are talking to someone in the UK when in fact they are talking to a criminal in some other part of the world.

Despite a great deal of exposure about advance fee lottery scams, the ruse continues to work. Such scams gain new victims all around the world every day.

Do not trust any unsolicited message that claims that you have won a large sum of money in a lottery or promotion that you have never even entered.

Importance Notice

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