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Absurd Warning – ‘LOL’ stands for ‘Lucifer Our Lord’

by Brett M. Christensen

This story was first published on November 26, 2012


Messages circulating via social media advise users to stop using the abbreviation “LOL” because it stands for “Lucifer Our Lord’ and including it in messages is actually endorsing Satan. 

Brief Analysis

The claims in the message are totally false and utterly ridiculous. To the vast majority of people, “LOL” simply means “Laughing out Loud” and is a shorthand method of expressing that the user found something in a post amusing. While acronyms such as LOL could stand for many things, the intent of the user is what is important. Suggesting that words or letters can have some sort of hidden meaning that can somehow endorse or invoke devils (or deities) is superstitious nonsense.


LOL Satan Warning Hoax


Stop using the abbreviation ‘LOL’
‘LOL’ stands for “Lucifer our Lord’.
Satanists end their prayers by saying
‘Lucifer our Lord’ in short ‘LOL”
Every time you type ‘LOL’ you are endorsing Satan.
Do not use ‘LOL’ ever again!
Keep Satan out of your life.
Share this advice to Christians.


Christians should stop using the word “Lol”. The Devil gets happy becos when his people pray they say
“Lucifer Our Lord” in short “Lol” so they think we are saying the same thing as they do. So a piece of
advice; don’t use Lol ever again.

Please its for your own safety..


Detailed Analysis

Messages are currently circulating vigorously via social media channels that warn people to stop using the acronym “LOL”, because it actually stands for “Lucifer our Lord”. According to the warning, by adding LOL to a message, you are in fact endorsing Satan because Satanists end their prayers by saying the words “Lucifer our Lord” or “LOL” for short.

But, the claims in the message are utter nonsense. To the great majority of Internet users, “LOL” simply means “laughing out loud”. This innocuous acronym is used many thousands of times every hour of every day all over the world to denote appreciation for a humorous post or picture, indicate that a comment was intended as a joke or was not meant to be taken too seriously or just to show solidarity or support. 

Of course, LOL, like virtually any acronym, can and does have alternative meanings. While “laughing out loud” (or “laugh out loud”) is by far its most common usage, LOL has also been used to stand in for the words “lots of love” or “lots of luck”. Theoretically, it COULD even be used to mean “Lucifer our Lord”.

I could find no compelling evidence to suggest that saying “LOL” at the end of prayers is common practice among Satanists. But – who knows – perhaps some who choose to follow Lucifer do use the term in this way.

But the key here is intent. If a person writes “LOL” on a post with the intention of expressing the phrase “laughing out loud”, then that is exactly what it DOES mean. It matters not one iota if some other person has used the same letters to mean something else. Perhaps to one person in a particular context, the letters could mean “Lucifer our Lord”; to another, they might mean “Love our Lord”. Or “Lots of Luck”, or “League of Legends”. But to the person who posted the message – and in all probability to almost all of those who read that message – the letters mean “laughing out loud.

To suggest that the simple act of writing the letters LOL – even when you MEAN “laughing out loud” – somehow endorses or empowers some mythical supernatural entity, be it supposedly good or evil, is superstitious nonsense of mind-boggling inanity.

This claim is akin to other such wide-eyed nonsense that also circulates cyberspace, including the belief that the Monster Energy Drink logo incorporates the mark of Satan or that entertainer Lady Gaga is actually Satan’s daughter.


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Brett Christensen