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Absurd Warning Claims That Monster Energy Drink Logo Hails Satan

by Brett M. Christensen

This story was first published on February 15, 2012


Message circulating via email and the blogosphere warns that Monster Energy Drinks claw “M” logo is actually made up of the Hebrew letter vav repeated three times to make the number 666 and is, therefore, the mark of Satan. 

Brief Analysis

The claims in the warning are utter nonsense. A closer examination reveals that the three strokes that make up the “M” logo are quite different in shape and style to a Hebrew vav. Any resemblance between the two symbols is superficial and completely meaningless. Claiming that the logo is intended to convey the letters 666 rather than a stylized “M” is stretching credibility well beyond breaking point.


Subject: Monster Energy Drink / If you drink it or wear it you have communion with it !

Monster 666 hoax 1

Most people are probably unaware that Monster Energy drink hails Satan with it’s logo. The three lines that seem to make up the letter M are actually three Hebrew letter Vav’s – which have a numerical value of 6.

Monster 666 Hoax 2

The thing I find the most disturbing about all of this crap is the fact that it is so sublime. It’s like THEY are trying to trick you into having these symbols in your possession – because they know you wouldn’t want it if you knew what it meant.
If Monster starting using the logo below, I’m pretty sure sales would drop.

Monster 666 Hoax 2

Now their slogan takes on a slightly different meaning…

Monster 666 Hoax 3

Monster 666 Hoax 5

I youtubed one of Monster’s commercials – and (no) surprise! There’s The Eye – with a 666 Vav, Vav, Vav right on it.

Monster 666 Hoax 6

Monster 666 Hoax 7

Rev. 13: 16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. Look at the pics below and realize they are intentionally and covertly getting people to wear the mark of the beast.

Monster 666 Hoax 8


Detailed Analysis

This widely circulated message makes a connection between the stylized “M” logo displayed on Monster Energy Drink products and vav, the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Because vav can stand for the number 6, the message claims that the logo actually represents 666, the “mark of the beast”. Thus, claims the message, Monster Energy Drinks hail Satan and people who consume the product or possess items such as clothing that features the logo are inadvertently communing with the devil. 

Humans have a natural tendency to equate hidden – sometimes sinister – meanings to everyday symbols and images. But, in this case at least, the supposed connection is so tenuous and whimsical that it descends into outright absurdity.

The basic premise in the would-be warning is that the three strokes that make up the “M” logo are actually not an “M” at all but a vav repeated three times to make 666. A cursory glance at the logo and the vav symbol shown in the Hebrew alphabet chart included in the message might seem to reveal a passing similarity. However, a closer examination rapidly reveals that the symbols are in fact quite different. As these side by side images show, a vav has a very different shape than the Monster “claw” symbol. The head of the symbol is rounded and sweeps to a vertical point. In contrast, the Monster symbol is much more angular and tapers to a horizontal point. If each stroke of the Monster logo was de-stylized and placed in a different context, it is extremely doubtful that anyone would seriously claim that the strokes were meant to be vavs.

Monster 666 Hoax 9 Monster 666 Hoax 10

Moreover, even using the very same Hebrew alphabet chart included in the message, the logo could just as easily be interpreted as three Zayin, three nun or even three khaf. And there are also several other ways of rendering a vav, none of which have anything more than a rudimentary resemblance to the components of the Monster logo.

It is unclear who created the message in the first place. However, the earliest example I could find was published on the Pop Culture Pastor blog in 2010. The blog also makes other “666” connections including a claim that pop star Justin Bieber has used the “666 hand sign” in promotional images.

In short, the message is nonsense without even a shred of credibility. Clearly, the logo is exactly what it seems to be and nothing more; a stylized “M” for “Monster” designed to invoke the idea of a monster’s claw marks. Like other logos, it is intended to look attractive to the targeted audience and therefore sell more products. Claiming that the use of the logo is some evil conspiracy designed to trick hapless consumers into communing with Satan is beyond ridiculous.

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