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‘£175 Lidl Voucher’ WhatsApp Giveaway Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

Messages being distributed via WhatsApp are claiming that European discount supermarket chain Lidl is giving away £175 vouchers to “support the nation during Corona pandemic”.

The messages urge you to follow a link to claim your free voucher.

However, the messages have no connection to Lidl and those who participate will never receive the promised voucher.

If you are lured into following the link, you will be taken to a website that looks like this:

Lidl Voucher Giveaway Scam Website 1

After you complete the bogus survey, the site will pretend to check your answers and then declare you a winner of one of the vouchers. In fact, all visitors are told that they have won a voucher, regardless of which survey answers they give.

Next, you are instructed to share the supposed giveaway with 20 of your friends or groups via WhatsApp.  This ensures that the fake giveaway post spreads rapidly and gains many new victims for the scammers.

After sharing, you can then click the “Continue” button, ostensibly to claim your free voucher. However, you will not be taken to a claim form as you might expect. Instead, you will be taken to one of several dodgy websites that claim that you can win prizes or get free products by providing your name and contact details.
The information you supply will be given to marketing companies who will then flood you with phone calls, text messages, and emails touting their decidedly dodgy products and services.

Some versions of these WhatsApp scams may try to trick you into installing malicious applications or redirect you to porn or malware websites.

And, even after following all of the instructions on the fake giveaway page, you will never receive the Lidl voucher that you supposedly won.

You should not trust any company that uses such deceptive tactics to promote its products and services.  If one of these WhatsApp messages comes your way, don’t follow any links that it contains.

Lidl Vouxher Giveaway WhatsApp Scam Fake Claim Page