‘Win a Luxury Shopping Trip to New York’ Facebook Scam

Post from a Facebook Page called ‘New York Holidays’ claims that you can win a luxury shopping trip to New York with £5000 spending money by sharing the post, liking the Page, and clicking a link to claim your entry.

Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Page and the posts that it generates are fraudulent. Those who participate have no chance whatsoever of winning the promised prize.  In fact, the prize does not exist. The Page is a typical survey scam designed to trick people into divulging their personal information on suspect third-party survey websites.

New York Holidays Facebook Scam

Detailed Analysis:
A post that is currently being shared across Facebook is supposedly offering the chance to win a luxury shopping trip to New York that includes 5 star hotel accomodation and £5000 spending money. And, claims the post, all you need to do to win is like the Facebook Page the post comes from, share the post, and then click a link.  The post comes from a Facebook Page called ‘New York Holidays’.

However, the Facebook Page is fraudulent and no amount of liking, sharing, or clicking will give you even the slightest chance of winning the promised prize. In fact there IS no prize and certainly no winners other than the scammers who created the bogus competition.

The Page is a scam designed to generate revenue for its unscrupulous owners by tricking people into submitting their personal details on dodgy third-party ‘survey’ websites.

By stipulating that participants must share the bogus prize post to enter, the scammers ensure that their Page and its fraudulent material is seen by a rapidly increasing pool of potential victims. And, by getting people to like the Page as well, the scammers can substantially increase the reach of their fake posts.

If you click the link in the hope of securing your prize entry, you will first be taken to a page that asks if you are a resident of the UK. Your answer determines which dodgy website you will be redirected to.

The site you eventually arrive at will offer the chance to win further prizes in exchange for filling in a survey and supplying your name and contact details. However, fine print on the site will stipulate that, by participating, you are giving permission for the site’s owners to share your personal information with site sponsors and online marketing firms.

Thus, soon after participating, you will begin receiving unwanted and annoying marketing messages for various products and services via phone, text message, email, and surface mail. The scammers who created the fake New York prize giveaway will earn commissions each time somebody provides his or her information on one of the survey sites.

And, to reiterate, the promised New York Shopping trip prize does not exist, so participating is a waste of time.

Such scams are extremely common on Facebook.  Don’t be tempted to participate in these bogus competitions ‘just in case’ they are legitimate. They are NOT harmless. By participating, you are aiding and abetting grubby little scammers who have no place on Facebook or any other social network. And, by liking, sharing, and commenting on such fraudulent material, you are exposing all of your friends to the scam as well. Just don’t do it!

Last updated: October 21, 2016
First published: July 11, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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