“Win 20 Minutes in Bunnings” Facebook Scam

Facebook Page that supposedly belongs to Australian hardware store chain Bunnings claims that you can win 20 minutes in your local Bunnings store during which you can take everything you want for free. For a chance to win, claims the Page, all you need to do is like the Page and a promotional picture, share the picture, and add the comment “Welcome”.

The Facebook Page is fraudulent. It is not associated with Bunnings in any way and the promised prize does not exist. The supposed giveaway is a scam designed to gather large numbers of Facebook likes as quickly as possible. Once a Facebook Page has gained many new likes, it can be reused to launch further scams. Alternatively, it  can be sold on the black market to other scammers.

There are many scams like this on Facebook. Please do not be tempted to participate. You have no chance of winning the promised prize, which never existed to begin with. And, by participating, you are exposing all of your Facebook friends to the scam as well.

Bunnings has warned about such scams on its website

The following Hoax-Slayer YouTube video provides more information about like-farming scams:

Refer to the following resources for further details about such scams:
Facebook Like-Farming Scams
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Win 20 minutes in your Bunnings where you can take everything you want!
We have finally chosen to create a Facebook page for our lovely Warehouse, therefor you can win this amazing prize!
join the giveaway by:
1. Liking this picture.
2. Commeting “Welcome!”
3. Sharing the picture.
4. Liking Our Page Bunnings – Warehouse
Good luck!
3 Lucky winners will be Announced this friday!Bunnings Like-Farming Scam

Last updated: September 7, 2016
First published: September 7, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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