Virgin Airways ‘Complimentary First Class Flights’ Facebook Survey Scam

Facebook Page that is supposedly associated with airline Virgin Australia claims that you can win complimentary first class flights to any destination of your choice by liking and sharing a post and clicking a link.

Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Page is not an official Virgin Australia Page and has no association with the company. The Page is a scam designed to trick you into promoting the bogus prize draw and providing your personal information via a suspect online survey.

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virgin australia survey scam

Detailed Analysis:

Posts currently being distributed on Facebook claim that airline Virgin Australia is giving away free first class flights to any destination. The posts link back to a Facebook Page called ‘Virgin Airways.’.

To go in the draw for the free flights, you are instructed to firstly like and share a promotional image and then click a link to claim your prize.

However, the Page is not an official Virgin Australia Page and the promised prize does not exist.  It is a fraudulent copy of the genuine Virgin Australia Page.

By liking and sharing as instructed, you ensure that the scam message reaches a wide audience and reaps many new victims.

Clicking on the ‘prize claim’ link takes you to another website that hosts a survey. Supposedly, you are required to complete this survey before you can enter the prize draw.

The survey site will offer further prizes in exchange for participating but will insist that you provide your name, phone number, and address details.

However, fine print on the page will state that, by participating, you are agreeing to share your personal details with other marketing companies and websites. Thus, you will likely find that you soon start receiving unwanted marketing phone calls, emails, and surface junk mail.

And, despite participating as requested, you will never get to fill in the claim form for the – non-existent – free flight prize.

Meanwhile, the scammers who created the fake Virgin free flights Facebook Page will earn money via affiliate commissions each time a user provides their information in a survey.

Survey scams like this one are very common on Facebook.  Be wary of any post or Page on Facebook that claims that you can win an expensive prize just by liking and sharing and participating in online surveys.

Last updated: 23rd June 2015
First published: 23rd June 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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