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You can stay up-to-date with Hoax-Slayer by subscribing to email updates or to the Hoax-Slayer RSS feed.

Email Updates:

Each time I publish a new article on Hoax-Slayer, you’ll receive an email with a brief outline of the story and a link that you can click to read the full story in your browser. So, if I publish one new story on a particular day, you’ll receive one email update. If I publish four new stories on a particular day, you’ll receive four email updates. If I publish no articles on a particular day, you’ll receive no email updates. And so on.

Here’s an example to show you what the emails look like:

Hoax-Slayer Update Email

Of course, if you decide that you no longer wish to receive these updates or if you feel that you are getting too many update emails, you can remove your email address at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link that is included at the bottom of every email.

Enter your email address to subscribe to Hoax-Slayer and receive a notification of each new post by email.


You can also subscribe to Hoax-Slayer using any RSS reader.

Click the feed icon to grab the Hoax-Slayer RSS feed and add it to your favourite reader.

RSS Icon

If you are unfamiliar with RSS feeds and how they work, here’s an excellent beginner tutorial.

Exactly how the feed will appear will depend on what feed reader you use. But, it will probably look something like this example. (I use Feedly):

RSS feed Exaample