No, Evolution Juice Does NOT Contain Poison

Message circulating via social media warns people not to drink a brand of juice called “Evolution” because it contains poison. The message includes a photograph depicting the product as well as images of people that have supposedly died after drinking the juice.

Brief Analysis:
The claims in the message are utter nonsense. There are no credible news or health authority reports that support the claim that Evolution juice products have been contaminated or that any people have died from consuming the juice. The message is just a pointless hoax.

Evolution Fresh Juice is owned and distributed by giant US coffee store chain Starbucks and is sold in large quantities at Starbucks stores and selected retailers across the United States and Canada. If the product really did contain poison, then, of course, there would be official product recalls as well as widely-publicized warnings to consumers. However, there are no recalls for Evolution juice products listed on the US government recall website or any other official publication.  Nor are there any official consumer warnings about the juice.

Moreover, I could find no evidence to suggest that Starbucks Evolution Fresh Juice products are currently being distributed in the African countries listed in the message.

The image of the Evolution Fresh juice products used in the hoax message has been lifted directly from the Starbucks website. And, apparently in an effort to give the false warning more impact, the hoax perpetrator has added in two completely unrelated images showing dead – or perhaps just unconscious – human bodies.

In fact, this would-be warning appears to be just the latest in a long line of similar product contamination hoaxes that have circulated in various forms for several years. Sharing these false warnings serves only to spread misinformation and cause unnecessary fear and alarm in communities.

Please send this to your friends and family immediately because these drink or swear of fruit are already in Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana. Sent to all the world to save human being, These drinks contains poison. Please don’t buy them

Evolution Juice Poison Hoax

Last updated: February 9, 2017
First published: February 9, 2017
By Brett M. Christensen
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