No, Dr Pepper is Not Set To Halt Production in 2016

Message circulating via social media claims that soft drink giant Dr Pepper will halt production in the (US) summer of 2016 after Coca Cola bought the rights to the recipe.

Brief Analysis:
Dr Pepper fans can relax. The claims are untrue. The message is just a hoax. The company has denied that it has sold its recipe. It is not set to end production of Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper Ending production hoax

Detailed Analysis:
According to a message making its way around the Internet via social media, American beverage maker Dr Pepper has announced that it will halt production in the US summer of 2016, after ‘131 years of quenching American’s thirst’. The message, headlined ‘An American Classic Says Goodby’, claims that Dr Pepper can no longer compete with other soda producers using cheaper ingredients. Supposedly, the rights to the Dr Pepper recipe were sold to Coca Cola and and Coke will subsequently stop production of the drink ‘sometime during the summer of 2016’.  The message is circulating as a rather poorly rendered graphic that features the Dr Pepper logo.

However, Dr Pepper fans will no doubt be pleased to hear that the message is just a silly hoax.  Dr Pepper has not sold its recipe to Coca Cola and has not announced any plans to halt production. Dr Pepper has published the following message debunking the claims on its social media feeds:

We heard a rumor and we’re here to crush it. The thought of Dr Pepper ending production and selling our recipe is unbelievable.

Dr Pepper Debunks Ending Production Rumour

Last updated: April 20, 2016
First published: April 20, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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