Naked Chef Free Cook Book Hoax

Email forward claims that an attached file is a new cookbook from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.


Subject: early xmas pressie.

Jamie Oliver’s new cook book for free!

How good is this…..

Cook book = £20
Ingredients = £10
Getting sacked for “accidentally” releasing the book to the entire planet before it even hits the shelves = PRICELESS!

It seems that someone at Jamie Oliver’s publishing company sent a word document version of his 2nd book to one of their mates this morning. Unfortunately for the poor sap who sent the word document, it is now flying around the web at a rate of knots. So print what you like AND please spare a thought for the poor bugger that originally sent it, while enjoying the food you make from the recipes!!!

The deal of the day – Jamie Oliver’s latest cook book.

RRP £20 at most participating book stores.

Yours for nothing!
Enjoy & Pass it on!!

Detailed Analysis:
An email forward is circulating that supposedly includes a free copy of “The Naked Chef 2” which the message claims is a new cookbook by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The email carries a large, 121 page Microsoft Word attachment that contains a number of Jamie Oliver recipes collected into a “book” complete with an index and illustrations.

The message claims that an employee of Jamie Oliver’s publishing company inadvertently began the circulation of the new book when he or she sent a Microsoft Word version to a friend. However, this claim is unfounded. In fact, the word document is not a copy of Jamie’s new book at all. Instead, it consists of recipes stolen from other Naked Chef publications and tacked together to form the bogus “book”.

The “book” began circulating via email in July 2003. Several versions of the email, all with the same attached cookbook, have been distributed since then, including the late 2005 variant shown above.

Jamie previoulsy publsihed the following disclaimer on his website:

Thank you to everyone who has emailed us about the hoax book that has been circling the globe via the internet. Just so you know, it’s not my new book but a bunch of recipes that have been taken from the website in the US. Not good either way though.

According to a 2003 article from “The Age”, Jamie’s publisher Penguin “is alarmed by the breach of copyright and lawyers said it could trigger a spate of similar “books”. The culprit could face a substantial compensation claim.”

This bogus recipe collection seriously breaches Oliver’s copyright and should not be forwarded. Also, the email and attachment weigh in at over 500 kilobytes, so repeated forwarding consumes a sizable slice of bandwidth, and could prove especially annoying to dial-up users.

Forwarding this cookbook is unfair on Jamie, ethically dubious, and is likely to be illegal.

July, 2003 version:

Hello All,

Attached is the NEW Jamie Oliver cookery book . . . word is that he has annoyed his publishers so much that someone there has decided to send out his entire new book on email! I’ve already printed a version and it’s prints out perfectly and there are some lovely recipes too!

(See attached file: Jamie Oliver.doc)

‘Naked chef’ in a stew over crookbook