More Despicable “Like and Comment Amen” Facebook Scams

Yet more Facebook posts featuring images of sick, injured, or disabled children beg you to click like and add “amen” as a comment. Please do not interact with these posts. They are scams.

You are certainly not helping the pictured children in any way whatsoever by liking and commenting.

Perhaps you might be tempted to like and comment on such posts as a means of showing empathy and support for the pictured children. However, by participating, you are only aiding and abetting the disgraceful and immoral users who create the posts.

These contemptible individuals steal images of children from other websites and social media feeds and use them without the permission or knowledge of the children’s parents.

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In many cases, the stolen pictures are years old. Sometimes, the pictured children have already recovered from their injuries or illness. But, sadly, in some instances, the pictured children have died. The continued circulation of these scam post can cause great distress to the children and their families.

Why, you may ask, would these heinous individuals do such a thing? Simply to promote their Facebook Pages or Profiles to a wider audience and gain more attention and likes. Such posts will often gather thousands of likes and “amen” comments in a very short time and be shared thousands of times across Facebook by well-meaning, but misguided, users.  A person who creates one of these messages can get many more followers or Page likes and will thus be able to reach many more people with subsequent posts.

Other versions of these scams falsely claim that Facebook or another company will donate money to help the pictured child when people like, share, and comment.

Bottom line? You are hurting the pictured children and their families by liking, sharing, and commenting on these posts.

The only person you are helping by participating is some lowlife that apparently thinks it is acceptable to steal pictures of sick or injured children just to gain attention. These people are beneath contempt. They crave attention above all else. Please do not give it to them by interacting with their nasty and immoral posts.

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If justin bieber can reach a million likes. How many Likes can I get?
Can she get 1 like and an amen from you?


Can she get an Amen with a ‘lot of likes :'(


Nobody going to Like my baby because she’s blind in one eye 😜
If you think she’s beautiful hit a Like and comment AMEN ✝️❤️✝️


15 Year old baby boy Was In A Car accident 😢 His Father Died 😭 But He Miraculously Survived 😇
Can He Even Get Your 1 LIKE and AMEN
Please must share 😢😭

Amen Facebook Hacker Warning

Last updated: December 20, 2016
First published: December 20, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
About Hoax-Slayer

‘Bad Luck If You Don’t Like And Type Amen’ Scam Facebook Posts
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