“Million Pounds of Rat Meat As Chicken Wings” Fake-News Report

Report circulating via social media claims that the FDA has found a million pounds of rat meat at the Port of San Francisco that was destined to be sold as chicken wings across the United States.

Brief Analysis:
The claims are utter nonsense. The FDA has made no such discovery. The fictional story comes from a factually dubious “healthy advice” website. The original version of the story came from the notorious fake-news website World News Daily Report.

Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.SThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the Port of San Francisco destroyed numerous illegal containers imported into the U.S from China. These containers contained rat meat!

Million Pounds of Rat Meat Fake-News

Detailed Analysis:
According to a report that has been making its way around the interwebz for several months, a million pounds of rat meat has been sold as chicken wings in the United States. Supposedly, the FDA has intercepted and destroyed “numerous illegal containers” of the rat meat at the Port of San Francisco. The report claims that the meat was destined to be shipped to grocery stores and restaurants across the United States and sold as chicken meat.

However, the claims in the report are nonsense. The FDA has not intercepted millions of pounds of rat meat as claimed. And there are no credible news reports that support the claim that rat meat has been sold as chicken across the United States.

The bogus report comes from a “Healthy Advice” website that churns out a stream of factually dubious alternative health and diet stories. The false rat meat story is likely just a rather callous attempt to gain more site visitors.

And, the report is not even original. In fact, it is a quite poorly written rehash of an earlier – and equally false – story that came from the notorious fake-news website World News Daily Report.

It is wise to verify any strange or unusual “news” stories that come your way before you share them. Searching a news portal such as Google News will usually reveal if a circulating story is true. Of course, if it were true that rat meat was being sold as chicken across the United States, the story would be extensively covered by mainstream news outlets around the world.

Last updated: August 16, 2016
First published: August 16, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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Fake-News Report Claims That Rat Meat Is Being Sold As Chicken Wings Across The United States
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