Lidl “Free Coupon” Scams Hitting Facebook

Circulating Facebook posts claim that you can click to get free coupons from European discount supermarket chain Lidl. Supposedly, Lidl is giving away the coupons as a means of celebrating its anniversary.

The posts are not associated with Lidl in any way and no coupons are being given away. Those who are tricked into participating have zero chance of winning anything at all. Only the scammers win.

These Lidl coupon giveaway posts are Facebook scams designed to trick you into first spamming your friends with more of the fake promotions and then divulging your personal information on dodgy “survey” and “offer” websites. There are  currently several versions of the scam post being shared on Facebook. Some, like the example shown below, offer £85 coupons. Other versions claim to be giving away coupons worth £150.

Lidl has confirmed that the posts are scams via comments on the official Lidl UK Facebook Page.

This Hoax-Slayer YouTube Channel video covers a similar survey scam attempt that promises participants the chance to win a Range Rover rather than Lidl store vouchers. Although the – non-existent – prize offered as bait in these bogus prize posts can vary considerably, the underlying scam is the same.

Be aware that there are a great many scams like this one on Facebook.

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Lidl Scam Post

The link in the scam post opens the fraudulent website depicted in the following screenshot:
Lidl Free Coupon Scam Page

Last updated: October 8, 2016
First published: October 8, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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