Justin Bieber is NOT Moving to Roanoke, Texas

Circulating report claims that Justin Bieber has announced that he is moving to the small town of Roanoke in Texas because he is ‘tired of the LA lifestyle’.

Brief Analysis:
The claims in the report are untrue. Justin Bieber has made no such announcement. The false story comes from a network of fake-news websites that churns out a stream of fictional reports about celebrities and the entertainment industry. There are several alternative – and equally false – versions of the same ‘Justin Bieber moving’ story that list other US locations as his supposed destination. And a host of similar hoax stories from the same sites name other high profile celebrities as the ones announcing unexpected moves.

Justin Bieber Moving to Roanoke near Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas

In a big surprise to just about everyone in Los Angeles and certainly everyone in Roanoke, pop superstar Justin Bieber announced today in an interview that he is moving to Roanoke because he was ‘tired of the L.A. lifestyle’ and wanted to ‘live in a place where people are real and genuine.’Justin Bieber Moving to Roanoke Hoax

Detailed Analysis:
According to a post floating around the Internet via social media sites and celebrity focused forums, pop star Justin Bieber has announced during an interview that he is moving to the town of Roanoke, near Fort Worth in Texas, because he is ‘tired of the L.A. lifestyle’ and wants to ‘live in a place where people are real and genuine’. The announcement, claims the report, came as a ‘big surprise to just about everyone in Los Angeles’. Supposedly, Bieber decided to move to the town after visiting it during a recent road trip.

But, depending on their location, Beliebers will be either relieved or disappointed to find out that the story is just a silly hoax.  Justin Bieber has not announced that he is moving to Roanoke. Nor is he moving to any of the other locations listed in alternative versions of the same tall tale. The false story comes from a fake-news website called The Clancy Report. This site is part of a growing network of related fake-news sites that, between them, churn out a continuing stream of fictional stories about celebrities supposedly moving to unexpected locations, the making of long awaited sequels to much-loved movies, and other spurious celebrity and entertainment ‘news’.

All of these sites include the following disclaimer on their ‘About’ Page:

[Name of website] is a fantasy news website.  All news articles on [name of site].com are satire or pure fantasy.

And, all of the sites regurgitate versions of the same false reports. Other recent variants of the ‘moving celebrity’ hoax have named Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, and Brad and Angelina.

Be wary of any report that claims that a celebrity has unexpectedly announced that he or she is moving to a new location. Don’t cater to the desires of these unscrupulous publishers by visiting their websites and sharing their false reports.

Last updated: March 24, 2016
First published: March 24, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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Justin Bieber Moving to Roanoke near Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas
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