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Bogus Donation Request Email Pretends to be From Prince Harry

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Email purporting to be from Prince Harry of Wales asks you to click a link to donate money to a children's charity that the Prince is supposedly supporting.
Categories: Scams
Tags: Charity Scam, Donation Scam, Prince Harry

General Cosgrove Radio Interview Hoax

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Outline: Message claims that Australia’s General Peter Cosgrove made a remark about a female interviewer being "equipped to be a prostitute" during an interview on ABC radio. Brief Analysis: The claim in the message is untrue. General Cosgrove has never made any such remark in any interview. The message is a recycled version of earlier…
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: General Cosgrove, Hoax, Radio Interview

2017 Range Rover Giveaway Facebook Scams Now Appearing

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Various "Range Rover 2017" Facebook Pages claim that "for the first time in Facebook history" you can get the chance to win a Range Rover just by liking the Page, sharing a post, and adding a comment stating which colour you would like if you win. Some versions instruct you to click a link or…
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook Scam, Range Rover, Range Rover 2017, Survey Scam

Apartment Cleaner Overpayment Scam

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Email offers the recipient a part time job cleaning an apartment for a quite generous fee. The cleaner is advised to deduct this fee from a cheque made out for a considerably larger amount and then wire the remainder to the landlord via a money transfer service.
Categories: Scams, Special Features
Tags: Job Scam, Money Laundering

Chase “Please Confirm Activity” Phishing Scam

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"Action required" email purporting to be from Chase Bank claims that you must click a link to confirm that you or someone authorized to use your debit card made a recent transaction.
Categories: Phishing Scams, Scams
Tags: Chase, Phishing, Scam Email

Fake Richard Branson Facebook Page is a Survey Scam

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"Richard Charles Branson" Facebook Page claims that you can share a post and then click a "Sign Up" button for a chance to win a $4000 holiday to a private island.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook Scam, Richard Branson, Survey Scam

“Free Primark Voucher” Facebook Survey Scam

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Facebook post promises free Primark vouchers to users who click a link in the post and participate as instructed.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook Scam, Free Voucher, Primark, Survey Scam

Christopher Butterfield Hacker Warning Hoax

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Message warns that a person named Christopher Butterfield is a hacker and that simply accepting a friend request from him will allow him to hack your computer.
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: Christopher Butterfield, Hacker, Hoax

Iceland Foods “Free £70 Coupon” Facebook Giveaway Scam

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Post appearing on Facebook claims that you can click to get a free coupon valued at £70 from UK supermarket chain Iceland Foods.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook Scam, Iceland Foods, Survey Scam

Facebook “Click and Like Promo” Advance Fee Scam

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Email purporting to be from a staff member at "FB Security Operating Inc" claims that you are among 20 lucky Facebook users randomly selected as winners in Facebook's "Click and Like Promo". Supposedly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg launched the promo as a means of saying thank-you to Facebook's users.
Categories: Advance Fee Scams, Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Advance Fee Scam, Facebook, Lottery Scam

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