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“1st-Step Assignment” Mystery Shopper Scam Email

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Email offers you are well-paid assignment as a mystery shopper evaluating the services of stores such as Walmart.
Categories: Scams
Tags: Money Laundering, Mystery Shopper, Scam

Beware The “Weekly Deals” Scam Facebook Page

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"Weekly Deals" Facebook Page claims that you can win various prizes such as Airstream trailers, iPads, and smart TVs just by liking, sharing, commenting, and clicking a link to "validate your participation".
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Scam Facebook, Survey Scam, Weekly Deals

FedEx “We Have Sent You a Message” Spam Emails

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Email purporting to be from delivery company FedEx claims that the company has sent you a message with the required information. It urges you to click a button to get more details.
Categories: Spam Reports
Tags: FedEx, Spam

Perfume Urban Legend – “Car Park Criminals Using Ether Disguised as Perfume”

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Circulating messages claim that criminals lurking in parking areas are using drugs disguised as perfume to debilitate and rob victims.
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: Ether, Hoax, Perfume

“Baby Has a Malignant Tumor” Facebook Sick Child Scam

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Post being shared on Facebook claims that a baby depicted in the post's image has a "malignant tumor in the skull" and Facebook has decided to help by donating $2 for every like, $5 for every comment, and $9 for every share.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook, Scam

No, The “Owner of Audi” is NOT Going to Give You A Car For Liking and Sharing

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"Audi Passion" Facebook Page claims that one Kevin M James, "Owner of AUDI" is giving away two Audi cars. And, all you need to do for a chance to win, claims the Page, is to like and share and then add the comment "Done".
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Audi, Facebook, Like-farming, Scam

Camera Radar “Negligent Driving” Malware Email

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"Negligent driving" email that includes an image apparently taken from a traffic camera claims that you have been issued with a driver violation and should click a link to read a notification.
Categories: Malware
Tags: Malware, Negligent Driving

“First Time In Facebook History” Car Giveaway Scams Continue

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Facebook Page that calls itself "Audi & Bmw & Mercedes" claims that, for the first time in Facebook history, you can win one of two "Beautiful Mercedes C" just by liking, sharing, commenting, and supplying your name and email address.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook, Like-farming, Mercedes, Scam

HOAX – “Recommended by a Lawyer” Facebook Privacy Statement

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Circulating message claims that, because Facebook is now a public entity, all members should post a privacy statement on Facebook to protect their photographs and other information from being used without their permission. Supposedly, posting the statement has been recommended by a lawyer.
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: Facebook, Hoax

PayPal “Cancel Payment” Phishing Scam

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Email purporting to be from PayPal claims that the recipient has sent a payment to a specified merchant and offers instructions for cancelling the payment if required.
Categories: Phishing Scams, Scams
Tags: Paypal, Phishing, Scam

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