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Tech Support Phone Scams Continue to Gain New Victims

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Tech support phone scams have now been targeting Internet users around the world for a number of years. Despite widespread publicity about these scams, they continue to gain new victims every day.
Categories: Featured, Phone Scams, Scams
Tags: Phone Scams, Tech Support Scams

‘Bananas Injected With HIV’ Hoax Warning

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Circulating warning messages claim that people are injecting HIV-infected blood into bananas so you should not eat bananas that contain a red colour inside. One recent version claims that the supposed contamination is the work of Satanists.
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: Aids, Banana HIV, Fruit AIDS, HIV, HIV Hoax

No, Lowe’s Is NOT Giving Away $100 Gift Cards On Facebook For Mother’s Day

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"HappyMother's Day" Facebook post claims that you can click to get a $100 gift card from home improvement store Lowe's.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook

Eddie Murphy Has NOT been Killed in a Car Crash

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A circulating social media post is claiming that actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has been killed in a car crash.
Categories: Fake-News
Tags: Fake-news, Hoax

Jury Duty Phone Scams Continue With New Twist

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Jury duty phone scammers are now using the names of real police officers to make their claims more believable.
Categories: Phone Scams, Scams
Tags: Phone Scam

Nicotine in Tim Hortons Coffee Hoax

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Message claims that Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, Tim Hortons, adds nicotine to its coffee and that patrons have suffered serious health problems as a result.
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: Hoax

Dear Guest Post Spammers — Some Advice From an Irritated Recipient

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Dear Guest Post Spammers, thank you so much for your constant offers to "collaborate" with Hoax-Slayer and write "amazing" articles for me to publish.
Categories: Tech HS
Tags: Spam

No, Amazon is NOT Giving Everyone a Free $100 Coupon

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According to a post that is currently being shared on Facebook, Internet giant Amazon is giving away a free $100 coupon to EVERYONE as a means of celebrating its anniversary.
Categories: Facebook Scams, Scams
Tags: Facebook, Survey Scam

US Customs and Border Protection ‘Trunks Of Cash’ Scam Email

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Has U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently intercepted two trunks of cash at John F Kennedy International Airport that they suspect belong to you?
Categories: Advance Fee Scams, Scams
Tags: Advance Fee Scam

Facebook Deleting Inactive Users Hoax – ‘Facebook Overpopulated’

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Messages claim that Facebook is becoming overpopulated and that members who do not send the information to others within two weeks will have their accounts deleted.
Categories: Hoaxes
Tags: Facebook, Hoax

FAKE-NEWS: ‘Japanese Whaling Crew Eaten Alive By Killer Whales’

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Circulating report claims that 16 members of a Japanese whaling crew have been killed and eaten by a school of killer whales.
Categories: Fake-News
Tags: Fake-news, Hoax

Fake Delta Air Lines Ticket Order Emails Point to Malware

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A malicious email that is designed to emulate a flight ticket receipt from Delta Air Lines is currently hitting inboxes. The email links to malware.
Categories: Malware
Tags: Malware

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