HMRC “Final Tax Calculation Update” Phishing Scam

Email claims that, after a final tax calculation, you are due a refund from UK tax agency HMRC.  It urges you to click a link to claim your return.

The email is not from HMRC and you certainly will not get a refund by clicking the link. The link opens a fraudulent website that asks you to provide your credit card details and other personal information, ostensibly so that your refund can be processed.

All of the information you provide on the fake website will be harvested by criminals and used to commit credit card fraud and identity theft.  This version is just one in a long line of similar HMRC tax refund scam messages.

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Tax refunds scams like this one are very common and regularly target taxpayers all around the world.

The following Hoax-Slayer YouTube video provides more information about such tax refund scams:

Subject: HMRC Tax 2017

HMRC Lodgement Number : H-6623472345Your final tax calculation update before year end shows you are due a return in the amount of 175.16.
You are entitled to this return dierctly to your payment card immediately.You can access the specific application form by clicking HERENote : A return can be delayed for submitting information that does not match our records or applying after the end-of-year deadline.For more information about returns and payments, or to get in touch, visit our help pages.

Last updated: January 27, 2017
First published: January 27, 2017
By Brett M. Christensen
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