“Get 2 Free Qantas Airways Tickets” Facebook Scam

Post being shared on Facebook claims that you can click to get two free Qantas Airways tickets to fly anywhere.

The post is fraudulent. It has no connection to Qantas and those who participate will certainly not receive any free air tickets. It is just one more in a long line of similar scams that have falsely claimed to be giving away Qantas tickets. And, in recent weeks, alternative versions of the scam have targeted a number of other airlines around the world.

Qantas has confirmed that the post is a scam via comments on its official Facebook Page.

The post is a typical Facebook scam designed to get you to send the same fraudulent material to your Facebook friends and then visit spammy “survey” websites that ask for your personal information.

This video from the Hoax-Slayer YouTube Channel covers a similar survey scam attempt that promises participants the chance to win a Range Rover rather than air tickets:

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Qantas 2 Free Tickets Survey Scam Post

The link in the scam post opens the fraudulent website depicted in the following screenshot:
Qantas 2 Free Tickets Scam Website

Last updated: October 13, 2016
First published: October 13, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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