Fridge and Stove Giveaway Facebook Scam

Facebook Page claims that you can get the chance to win an “amazing” fridge and stove for Christmas just by liking the Page, sharing a  post, and adding the comment “WON”.

The Facebook Page is fraudulent and it is not giving away any stoves or fridges. Participating will give you no chance of winning anything at all.  There are no prizes.

In fact, the Page is a typical like-farming scam.  Its purpose is to harvest large numbers of Facebook likes as quickly as possible. After the Page has gathered a great many new  likes, it may be used to promote other types of scam, this time to a much larger audience.  Or, the bogus Facebook Page may be sold on the black market to other scammers. The more likes a Page has the more it can be sold for.

There are a great many scams like this on Facebook and new versions appear every day.

This Hoax-Slayer YouTube video explains more about how like-farming scams work:

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Fridge and Stove Giveaway Like-Farming Scam

Last updated: December 7, 2016
First published: December 7, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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