“Free Primark Voucher” Facebook Survey Scam

Facebook post promises free Primark vouchers to users who click a link in the post and participate as instructed.

Brief Analysis:
The post is not associated with Primark in any way and the claim that vouchers are being given away is a lie. The post is a scam designed to trick users into participating in bogus online surveys. No matter how many surveys users complete, they will never receive one of the promised vouchers.

Primark Free Voucher Giveaway Scam

Detailed Analysis:
A message currently being distributed across Facebook claims that you can receive a free voucher from UK based retailer Primark by clicking a link and following a set of instructions.

However, the supposed promotion is fake and has no connection to Primark. Primark vouchers are not being given away as claimed. In fact, the message is a scam designed to trick Facebook users into spamming their friends and disclosing their personal information via suspect online surveys.

The link in the scam message opens a bogus website that asks you to complete an utterly pointless survey about your Primark shopping habits. After completing the survey, the page pretends to analyse your answers for eligibility. But, in fact, no matter what answers you give, you will always be selected as one of the “lucky winners” of a voucher.

Next, you will be told that you must first share the material on Facebook and then post a direct link to the scam website to 15 of your Facebook friends.

But, even if you comply with this request, you will still not get to claim the promised voucher.

Instead, after clicking the “claim” button,  a popup window will inform you that you must complete one or more surveys, ostensibly to verify your claim for the free voucher.

Some of the “survey” pages ask you to provide personal information including name, address and contact details, ostensibly to allow you to go in the draw for a prize. Others will claim that you must provide your mobile phone number – thereby subscribing to absurdly expensive text messaging services – in order to get the results of a survey or go in the running for a prize.

No matter how many offers or surveys you complete, or what services you subscribe to, you will never receive the promised voucher.

The scammers who create these bogus promotions will earn commissions via suspect affiliate marketing schemes each and every time a victim completes an offer or participates in a survey. Victims may also be faced with large phone bills for unwanted mobile phone services and, because they have provided name and contact details, they may be inundated with unwanted promotional emails, phone calls and junk mail.

Survey scams are very common on Facebook. Be very wary of any supposed giveaway that claims that you must share a promotional post and participate in various surveys or offers before you can redeem a promised prize.

Last updated: January 18, 2017
First published: December 11, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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