Fake Britain’s Got Talent Facebook Page is a Scam

Facebook Page that purports to be the official Page for popular TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ features posts that claim that you can win the holiday of a life-time by clicking a link.

Brief Analysis:
The Page, which is called ‘Britains Got Talent’ (without an apostrophe), is not associated with the TV show and it is not giving away any holidays. It is a scam designed to trick you into submitting your personal details on dodgy prize draw websites. The real’ Britain’s Got Talent’  Facebook Page (note the apostrophe) makes no mention of such giveaways. If a post from this fake Page comes your way, do not click on it.

Britain's Got Talent Scam Page

Detailed Analysis:
According to posts on a Facebook Page that calls itself ‘Britains Got Talent’, you can click to get a chance to win a fantastic holiday courtesy of the popular British TV show. The Facebook Page features the Britain’s Got Talent logo and a cover image depicting the show’s judges. As well as the prize offer posts, there are also a number of other posts on the Page about Britain’s Got Talent contestants and judges.

However, despite its name and appearance, the Facebook Page has no connection whatsoever with Britain’s Got Talent. And, it is certainly not giving away any holidays. Instead, it is a scam designed to trick you into submitting your personal information via various ‘prize’ or ‘offer’ websites.

Images and other material on the fake Facebook Page are stolen from the genuine Britain’s Got Talent Facebook Page. The genuine Page features Facebook’s blue ‘verified’ icon and makes no mention of any holiday giveaways.

The scammers who created the fake Page have been able to use a name very similar to that of the genuine page by simply omitting the apostrophe before the ‘s’ in the word ‘Britains’.  Unfortunately, many users will not even notice this omission and therefore mistakenly believe that the Page is legitimate.

If you fall for the ruse and click one of the holiday prize posts, you will be taken to a webpage that asks if you are a resident of the United Kingdom. The webpage, which is designed to make it appear that it is part of Facebook, includes ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons that allow you to answer the residency question. Clicking the ‘yes’ button takes you to a third-party website that promises you the chance to win  various prizes by supplying your name, email and home addresses, and your phone numbers. However, terms and conditions on the page will state that, by participating, you are giving the site permission to add your personal information to the marketing databases of site sponsors.  Thus, soon after participating, you will begin receiving unwanted and annoying phone calls, text messages, emails, and surface letters promoting various products and services.

If you click ‘no’, you may be taken to yet another fraudulent ‘prize’ Facebook Page.

Be wary of any Facebook Page that claims to be offering valuable prizes just for liking and sharing or participating in third-party surveys or offers.  Keep in mind that Facebook Pages belonging  to companies, TV shows, or celebrities will usually have the blue ‘verified’ icon to prove that they are  genuine.

Last updated: May 5, 2016
First published: May 5, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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