Etihad Airways “Two Tickets To Fly Anywhere” Facebook Giveaway Scam

Circulating Facebook post claims that you can click to get 2 free tickets to fly anywhere from the UAE’s Etihad Airways.

The post is fraudulent and it is not associated with Etihad Airways in any way. Participants will not receive any free flight tickets.

The post is a Facebook scam designed to trick you into spamming your friends with the same bogus promotion and then supplying your personal information on suspect third-party survey websites.

Etihad Airways has warned people about the scam via the following comment on its Facebook Page:

Etihad Airways has been made aware of bogus websites on which Etihad Airways tickets are offered in return for participants completing a survey, adding a link to their Facebook account and sharing it with 15 friends. Any offer of Etihad Airways flight tickets through this bogus website is fraudulent. Etihad Airways has no association with it whatsoever and has initiated proceedings against the owners of the site. Any tickets issued contrary to the airline’s terms and conditions are void and won’t be accepted for travel on Etihad Airways.

This type of scam continues to be very common on Facebook.

Refer to the following resources for further details about such scams:
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Etihad Airways Facebook Scam

Clicking the link in the scam post opens this fraudulent website (Screenshot):

Etihad Airlines Scam Giveaway Page


Last updated: September 24, 2016
First published: September 24, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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