Epic Fail, Mr Scammer!


Anybody who has been checking out the latest crop of Facebook survey scams will realise that they are all pretty much identical. They all use the same ‘complete these two simple steps to get your prize’ set up. The fake pages instruct you to share on Facebook, send a link to five of your groups, and then click a claim button to proceed to yet another fake page. The scammers obviously use and reuse the same scam pages. They just change a few details to fit the company they are currently targeting, add a suitable graphic to the scam post, and they are good to go.

But, either because they are lazy or just incompetent, the scammers often mess up the job. Here’s a good example. The scam post and first fake page promises free Marks & Spencer vouchers:

Marks and Spencer Scam Page

But, when the fake verification page finally appears, it features the background from the free Rolex version of the scam:

Rolex Fail

Good job, Mr Scammer!

By Brett M. Christensen
Last updated: November 10, 2015
First Published: November 10, 2015