Epic Fail! – “Mega Trends” Scam Facebook Page Can’t Even Get The Date Right!

During the last few days, the Mega Trends Facebook Page has published a series of posts claiming that you can win one of several luxury RVs just by liking, sharing, and commenting.

Supposedly, the RV  prizes are being offered as part of a “Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway”. Of course, the posts are scams. No RV’s are being given away and those who participate have zero chance of winning anything at all.

I discuss these Luxury RV like-farming scams in more detail here.

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What I found rather intriguing about this particular scam Facebook Page is that the scammers are either too lazy or too stupid to even get the year right in their fraudulent posts. All of the posts claim that the RVs will be given away on February 14, 2016. So, either the scammers are just recycling the same posts from last year, or they don’t know or care what year it is.

But, the REALLY sad bit is that, despite the glaring error in these scam posts, many thousands of Facebook users have fallen for the ruse and are sharing, liking, and commenting as instructed. If only people would take a little more time to properly read what comes their way via social media and apply just a little critical thinking, then the Internet would be a lot safer and more usable for all of us.

Mega Trends RV Scam Facebook Page

Last updated: February 5, 2017
First published: February 5, 2017
By Brett M. Christensen
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Watch Out For ‘Luxury RV’ Giveaway Scams On Facebook