Dr John Holt Email Petition – Microwave Cancer Therapy Email

Email petition asks recipients to add their name in order to pressure the Australian Government into supporting and acknowledging the controversial cancer treatment of Perth based Dr John Holt (Full commentary below.)

Factual information, but email petitions are largely ineffective

Subject: Dr John Holt

Recently “A Current Affair” aired a story on Perth based surgeon Dr. John Holt, whom many believe has a cure for some forms of cancers.

The National Health & Medical Research Council committed to conduct a review of Dr Holt’s method of cancer treatment, Microwave Cancer Therapy. The original date for the review was to be provided to the Minister for Health by 21st December 2004, this deadline passed and then another was set and another passed and so on.

The result of these delays is that Dr Holt, who is 80 years of age and who has cured thousands of people of many forms of cancer will be closing his practice on 30th June 2005. This will be a real tragedy especially to all of his patients and potential patients when conventional medicine tells them there is nothing that can be done.

Please help ordinary Australians who finally have a chance to beat cancer to keep this treatment here.

We the undersigned demand that the Australian Government, and Department of Health and Ageing, act swiftly and responsibly to ensure that, this treatment and its founder be acknowledged and accepted as a real form of cancer treatment.

INSTRUCTIONS – Please number and place your name at the end of this list. Then forward this email to all of your contacts who believe in the right to life. Remember that to enable you to add your name to the list, you must first click on the ‘forward’ prompt at the top of your screen.

If you are the 50th person on this list, please forward this email to
The Minister of Health & Ageing,
Tony Abbott :

and then clear the list of names back to number 1, place your name there and forward to all of your contacts.

Thankyou for your assistance in attempting to save Doctor Holt and the lives of thousands of cancer sufferers.


Detailed Analysis:
The case described is a real one. There has been a lot of controversy over many years regarding Perth based Dr John Holt’s microwave therapy treatment for cancer sufferers. Many of his patients and advocates maintain that his treatment is effective and has saved a number of lives. Others in the medical and scientific community denounce the treatment.

The “A Current Affair” report mentioned in the email was shown in August 2004. As the program and other sources maintain, it appears that Dr Holt’s cancer treatments deserved, at the very least, an unbiased and comprehensive examination. Such a study was finally conducted and a report about this study (.pdf) was released in September 2005. According to the report the “review committee found no scientific evidence to support the use of microwaves in treating cancer, either alone or when combined with other therapies”.

Regardless of the findings, an email petition is not a good method of exerting pressure on a government department. Email petitions of this nature are almost totally ineffective. There are much more productive ways to help a cause you believe in than “signing” an email petition.