Disney Cruise “Last Minute Cancellation” Facebook Survey Scam

Circulating post that comes from a Facebook Page called “Disney Cruise.” claims that, due to a last minute cancellation, Disney is giving away a seven day cruise for four people. For a chance to win, claims the post, you just need to share the post, enter the word “Me” as a comment, and then click a link.

The post and Facebook Page are bogus. They are not associated with Disney in any way, and those who participate have no chance whatsoever of winning a cruise or any other prize. There are no prizes and no winners other than the scammers who created the fake Facebook Page.

It is yet another Facebook scam designed to trick you into giving out your personal information on scam websites and spamming your Facebook friends with the same fake prize posts.

In recent years, there have been an ongoing series of similar Facebook scams that have falsely claimed to be giving away Disney cruises and other Disney related prizes.

This video from the Hoax-Slayer YouTube Channel discusses a similar survey scam attempt that promises participants the chance to win a Range Rover rather than a Disney cruise:

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Due to a last minute cancellation we have a 4 bedroom balcony for 4 people available so we’re giving it away. The 7 day cruise starts 22th January 2017, flights are included. Just share the post and Type “Me” below then go here: [link removed] if you want it free and we’ll choose one person in the next 24 hours!Disney Cruise Last Minute Cancellation Facebook Scam

Last updated: October 20, 2016
First published: October 20, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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