Disney Cruise “Giving Away The Holiday Again” Facebook Scam

Post from the “Disney Cruise Line.” Facebook Page claims that, because a previous winner of a cruise has chosen not to accept the prize, it is being given away again. Supposedly, for a chance to win, all you need to do is share the post, like the Page, and type the word “Fun” as a comment.

The post and Facebook Page are fraudulent and they are not associated with Disney in any way. And there is no prize. Nor was there any previous winner as claimed. The “previous winner” ruse is just a rather lame attempt to make the prize claims seem more plausible.

This is just a typical Facebook scam designed to gather large numbers of likes as quickly as possible. The Page can then be used to launch further scams or sold on the black market to other criminals.

In this case, the scammers have simply added a period at the end of the name “Disney Cruise Line” thereby creating a fake Facebook page with an almost identical name to that of the genuine Page.

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Congratulations to our Disney Cruise for 4 winner Mark Oswald – California. This person has chosen not to accept the prize as they can not make the available dates (1st November – 13th November) so we’re giving away the holiday again. Simply share hare this post and Type “Fun” below then Like our page if you want to win and we’ll be picking someone at random within the next 24 hours.Disney Cruise Facebook Scam


This Hoax-Slayer YouTube video explains more about how like-farming scams work:

Last updated: October 3, 2016
First published: October 3, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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