Costco “Free $250 Coupon” Facebook Survey Scam

Post being shared on Facebook claims that you can click to get a free $250 Costco coupon to celebrate Christmas.

The post is fraudulent and it is not associated with Costco in any way. Those who participate have no chance whatsoever of getting a Costco coupon.

The post is a typical Facebook survey scam. After clicking the link, you will be asked to fill in a pointless survey about your Costco shopping habits before being taken to a bogus coupon claim web page (see screenshot below).  The page asks you to first hit a Facebook share button, and then copy and paste a link to the scam on your Facebook profile and in 5 groups you belong to. Via these steps, you end up promoting the same scam to your Facebook friends and fellow Facebook group members, thereby ensuring that the scammers gain many new victims.

After spamming your friends, you can then click the “Claim Your Free $250 Costco Coupon” button. However, you will then be told that you must click links to fill in one or more surveys before you can get the coupon. The links open dodgy “survey and “offer” websites that claim that you can win further prizes but must provide your name, phone numbers, email address and home address to participate. But, your information will be shared with “site sponsors” and third-party marketing companies and you will subsequently be bombarded with unwanted and annoying phone calls, text messages, emails, and letters promoting a variety of products and services you most likely neither want nor need.

The scammers who created the fake Costco coupon posts will earn commissions each time somebody provides personal information on one of the survey sites.

There is a  constant stream of scams like this on Facebook. Don’t get caught!

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Costco $250 Coupon Facebook Scam

The link in the scam post opens the fraudulent website depicted in the following screenshot:
Costco Facebook Scam Website

Last updated: December 9, 2016
First published: December 9, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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