‘Comment #177’ Hacker Test Facebook Hoax

Various posts circulating on Facebook are claiming that, if you type ‘#177’ into a comment and a green line appears, it means that you have been hacked. Some of the posts include a screenshot that appears to show that the test actually works.

Brief Analysis:
The claim is just a silly prank. Entering #177 is  certainly not a valid way to check if your Facebook account has been hacked. If you enter ‘#177’, nothing but ‘#177’ will appear, even if you HAVE been hacked.  But, some pranksters have apparently posted images of green bars in comments as a way of tricking their friends into believing that the test actually works. The image that circulates with the posts is a screenshot depicting these prank comments.


Comment #177 and if that green line shows up you’ve been hacked before!💯 tag friends see if they have 🙌🏻” underneath

Green Bar Facebook Hacked Hoax


Well i just found out how to find out if u have been hacked type in any post #177 if it comes up green u know u have been hacked

Detailed Analysis:
Various messages currently zooming around the interwebs via social media claim that you can see if your Facebook account has been hacked just by entering the code ‘#177’ as a Facebook comment. If you’ve been hacked, claim the messages, a green line will appear as the comment. Some versions of the message include a screenshot (see above) that appears to show the hacking test in action. The screenshot displays a series of  comments, some of which show ‘#177’ while others show a green bar.

However, the supposed hacking test – and the screenshot that ‘proves’ it – is just a prank. If you enter ‘#177’ into a comment you’ll get – you guessed it – ‘#177’. Even if your account has been hacked, entering #177 will still only display #177.

Of course, it is simply nonsense to suggest that entering that code will somehow magically display a green line if and only if intruders have clandestinely accessed your Facebook account. If only life was that simple.

As such pranks go, this one is relatively harmless. At least implementing the ‘tip’ won’t do any damage like some other such circulating pranks have done.

For the record,  177 is the # Hex colour code for a shade of green.

Last updated: March 16, 2016
First published: March 16, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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