Clint Eastwood is NOT Moving To Amarillo, Texas

Circulating report claims that actor and director Clint Eastwood is moving to Amarillo, Texas. Alternative versions claim that the star is moving to various other locations including Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Parkville, Missouri.

Brief Analysis:
The claims in the report are untrue. Clint Eastwood has not announced that he is moving to Amarillo or any of the other locations mentioned in alternative versions. The reports come from a network of bogus ‘Celebrity News’ websites that publish a stream of fictional stories about various celebrities moving to small towns, long awaited movie sequels, and other celebrity flavoured nonsense.

Clint Eastwood Moving to Amarillo, Texas

AMARILLO, Texas – In a surprise to just about everyone in Los Angeles and probably everyone in Amarillo, Texas, Hollywood director and actor Clint Eastwood announced in an interview today that he was moving to Amarillo because he was tired of the “fake people and bulls**t” in his current home state of California….Clint Eastwood Moving Fake-News

Detailed Analysis:
According to a report that is currently being shared via social media and has also been posted to various celebrity gossip forums and blogs, iconic Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood is moving to Amarillo, Texas. The report claims that Clint is tired of fake people and BS and therefore wants to move to a place ‘where people are just people and whose sincerity you don’t have to always question’.

Supposedly, the star made the surprise announcement during an interview for a magazine story.

However, the claims in the report are untrue. Clint Eastwood has not announced that he is moving to Amarillo, Texas. Nor has he announced that he is moving to Hot Springs, Arkansas, Parkville, Missouri, or any other location. There are several alternative versions of the report that are almost identical except for the location that Clint is supposedly moving to.

The Amarillo version of the story comes from a fake-news website called ‘O’Reilly Post’. This site includes the following disclaimer on its About Us page:

O’Reilly Post is a fantasy news site.  All news articles on are satire or pure fantasy.

But, in fact, O’Reilly Post is just one in a growing network of almost identical websites that recycle the same nonsensical ‘celebrity news’ reports. All of these fake-news sites are similarly formatted, publish versions of the same collection of stories, and have the same ‘fantasy news’ disclaimer. Reports published on these sites have also falsely claimed that a number of other stars, including Tom Cruise, Brad And Angelina, and Justin Bieber, have announced that they are moving to unexpected locations to escape their celebrity lifestyles.

The same  network of sites has also published false stories claiming that long awaited sequels to much loved movies are set to start filming in various US locations.

Given how much fake news now circulates the Internet, it is always a good idea to verify any ‘news’ stories that come your way before you share them with others.

Last updated: March 23, 2016
First published: March 23, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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Clint Eastwood Moving to Amarillo, Texas
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