‘Claim Your Delta Gift Bags’ Facebook Scam

Facebook Page named ‘Delta Air’ claims that you can share and comment on a post and like the Page for a chance to win a Delta Gift Bag containing first class airline tickets to anywhere in the world, $5000 cash, and a t-shirt.

Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Page is fraudulent and is not associated with Delta Air Lines.  It is not giving away Delta Gift Bags as claimed. The Facebook Page is a scam designed to rapidly gather large numbers of Page likes. Once the page has collected a large number of likes, it can be used to launch further scam campaigns or it can be sold on the black market to other scammers.

Better be quick! Just 48 Hours left to claim your Delta gift bags! In each bag will 1,500 First Class tickets to anywhere in the world, $5,000 cash, and a Delta t-shirt.Rules for entry:
1. Share this photo and Comment “Thank You” below.
2. Like Our Page.Good Luck, Delta!

DeltaAir Gift Bags Facebook Scam

Detailed Analysis:
According to a post on a Facebook Page called ‘Delta Air’, you can get a chance to win a gift bag that contains first class airline tickets to anywhere in the world, $5000 in cash, and a Delta t-shirt. The post features a photo supposedly depicting a row of the promised gift bags. all nicely decorated with aircraft and star stickers. And, all you need do to enter, claims the post, is share the photo, add a ‘thank you’ comment, and like the Page. The post advises that you’d better be quick because there is only 48 hours left to claim your gift bag.

But, alas, the Page is not associated with Delta Air Lines in any way whatsoever and it is not giving away Delta Gift Bags as claimed. It is a typical like-farming scam like many that have gone before.  The fake Page is designed to gather large numbers of Page likes very quickly. Offering Facebook users the chance to win attractive – albeit entirely fictional – prizes is a very effective way to achieve this aim.

By getting people to both share and comment on the fake prize post, the scammers ensure that their material is promoted across the network, and is thus seen by an increasing number of potential victims. So, by sharing and commenting as instructed, you are effectively spamming your friends on behalf of the scammers.

And, of course, by specifying that people must like the Page to enter, the scammers ensure that they gain a great many new Page likes as the scam posts spread across the network.

Once the fake Page has gained the desired number of likes, it can then be reused to perpetrate further scams, this time to a much larger group of potential victims. Or, in some cases, the Page may be listed for sale on a black market website.  The more likes a Page has, the more it can be sold for. The new Page owners will subsequently use it to launch their own spam and scam campaigns.

The ‘gift bag’ image used in the scam post is stolen from an article on a party planner website that gives ideas for preparing for a young child’s birthday party.

And, for the record, the genuine Delta Airlines Facebook Page is simply called ‘Delta’ and features Facebook’s blue ‘verified’ icon to prove its authenticity,

Scam prize pages are very common on Facebook. Be cautious of any Page or post that promises valuable prizes in exchange for liking, sharing, and commenting. Don’t help the scammers who create these Pages by participating in their bogus promotions.

Last updated: April 8, 2016
First published: April 8, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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