Candy Crush Invites Murder Story is Satire, Not Real News

Circulating ‘news’ report claims that a woman beat her roommate to death because of the large number of Candy Crush game invites that the roommate sent her.

Brief Analysis:
The story is fiction and not meant to be taken seriously. The supposed murder described in the report never took place.  The story originates from the satirical website, The Vally Report. Nothing published on The Valley Report should be taken seriously.

Woman murders college roommate for sending too many Candy Crush requests
BOSTON, MA – A 19-year-old woman beat her roommate to death with an industrial sized bag of jelly beans on Tuesday afternoon.The woman was reportedly frustrated by the amount of invites received for the popular Facebook game Candy Crush.
Candy Crush Murder Hoax Post

Detailed Analysis:
According to a story that is currently making its way around the Internet mostly via social media posts, a young woman in Boston has killed her roommate because of the large amounts of Candy Crush game invites that she was receiving. Supposedly, the constant stream of annoying invites became too much for the woman to bear and she finally snapped and beat the offending invite sender to death.

But, of course, the story is just a satire piece and was never intended to be taken seriously. The story comes via the satirical website, The Vally Report. The site includes the following disclaimer to alert readers that its reports tend to stray from the truth:

Some of these stories my be exaggerated, embellished or an outright work of fiction. Use proper judgment when reading anything on the internet.

In reality, the site is for entertainment and nothing it publishes should be taken seriously.

A problem with the rapid pace of social media is that an increasing number of users tend not to bother clicking through to the actual article being posted but instead make assumptions based entirely on the post’s headline and text snippet and share, share, share. Most people who actually take the time to read the article will likely realise its satirical nature.  After all, the story claims that the roommate was beaten to death with a bag of jelly beans. And the police spokesperson supposedly quoted in the report more or less suggests that the murder victim had it coming. These, and other elements to the story are fairly hefty red flags.

Mind you, while this piece is obviously just satire, many of us may have actually felt urges to murder when dealing with the 8 billionth inane and annoying Facebook game invite. Gamers beware?

Last updated: March 11, 2016
First published: March 11, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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Woman murders college roommate for sending too many Candy Crush requests
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