Breaking Bad Season 6 Claim is a Hoax

Circulating rumours and “news” reports claim that popular TV series “Breaking Bad” is set to return with a totally unexpected Season 6 and that shooting will begin in December 2016.

Brief Analysis:
The rumours and reports are untrue. There will be no Breaking Bad Season 6 and Walter White is still dead. The original version of the hoax story was published back in 2014 via the notorious fake-news website National Report.

Breaking Bad 6 Hoax

Detailed Analysis:
The interwebs have again been all abuzz in recent days with rumours that popular TV series “Breaking Bad” is set to return with a totally unexpected Season 6.

According to the rumours, series creator Vince Gilligan made the “bombshell” announcement during a CNN interview. Supposedly, Gilligan told CNN that Walter White was not dead as fans had believed and promised that an “epic” new season would begin shooting in December 2016.

But, alas, Breaking Bad fans, the rumours are untrue. Vince Gilligan made no such announcement. Walter White is still dead and there will be no Season 6.

The original version of the story was published on the notorious fake-news website National Report back in 2014. National Report, which apparently considers itself a satirical publication, has been responsible for a whole series of nonsensical stories that have gone viral in recent years.

The site presents its drivelling articles in news format and no longer includes a clear disclaimer revealing the fictional nature of its content. Thus, many people are apt to believe its claims and share them with others. Nothing published on National Report should be taken seriously.

Since the original 2014 National Report story was published, other variants of the hoax have surfaced on various fake-news and parody websites. Later versions tacked on the absurd claim that:

Season 6 will also see a Christian anti-masturbation organisation’s mascot Fappy – The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin. Fappy which will be played by Paul Horner, is really excited about the role.

And, in late 2016, the rumours once again started to circulate. Sadly, the silly hoax was given a degree of undeserved credibility after some mainstream news outlets, including the Times of India, were apparently taken in by the hoax .  These supposedly serious news publications  regurgitated the old hoax without bothering to do even a minimal amount of fact-checking.  Apparently, even the references to “Fappy – The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin” were not enough to raise any red flags with the “journalists” who wrote up the stories.

Last updated: November 6, 2016
First published: August 28, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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