Bogus “Confidential Personal Information” FedEx Email Points to Spam Websites

Message purporting to be from delivery company FedEx claims that an email containing confidential personal information was sent to you and you should click a link to open the email in your browser.

The email is not from FedEx. It is spam that is designed to trick you into visiting decidedly dodgy online shopping sites.

Clicking the link in the message will usually open a fraudulent website that has been built to emulate the business news website, Forbes. In fact, the site has no connection to Forbes whatsoever.  Alternative versions may open other equally fraudulent websites that attempt to mirror CNN, NBC, BBC, or other well-known news outlets.

The bogus sites feature promotions disguised as news reports that attempt to trick you into buying a range of suspect products and services that you would do well to avoid.

As usual, the best way of dealing with such spam messages is to hit the “delete” key.

Note also that other fake FedEx emails are used to distribute malware.

Either way, do not click links or open attachments in these bogus FedEx emails.

The FedEx website includes information about recognising and reporting such fraudulent emails.


FedEx Spam

Last updated: December 11, 2016
First published: December 11, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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