Audi R8 Facebook Giveaway Scam

Facebook Page claims that you can win an Audi R8 car just by liking the page, commenting with your desired colour, and sharing a promotional post.

Brief Analysis:
No Audis are being given away. The page is a like-farming scam designed to trick you into liking, sharing and further promoting the bogus material by commenting. Facebook Pages with high numbers of likes can subsequently be used to launch further scam and spam campaigns. Or they can be sold on the black market to other scammers.

For the FIRST time in Facebook history we are giving away 2 Audi R8 2016 to 2 LUCKY WINNERS that we will select on December 31 2016 completely at random.
Would you like to join this amazing giveaway for a chance to own a brand new Audi R8 2016? Simply follow the steps below to enter the competition :
Step 1) Like this Page( Very Important)
Step 2) Share on your wall (Very Important)
Step 3) Comment which color you want
The winners will be messaged on public
Good Luck guys!!

Audi R8 Giveaway Scam

Detailed Analysis:
According to this Facebook Page and the posts that it generates, you can get a chance to win an Audi R8 luxury car just by liking, commenting and sharing.

For a chance to win one of the cars, you are instructed to like the Page, add a comment stating which colour car you would like, and then share the promotional post to your Facebook friends. Supposedly, the ‘lucky’ winners will be announced a few days after the date that the promotion was posted.

However, the Page is a like-farming scam. It is not giving away any Audis. Those tricked into participating will win nothing at all.

The example shown above is just the latest in a long line of very similar “Audi Giveaway” scams that have appeared on Facebook in recent years.  I first wrote about this Audi scam back in 2014.

The goal of the fake Page is simply to gather as many likes as possible in the shortest possible time. By claiming that people must click like for a chance to win, such Pages can accumulate thousands of likes within hours. And, by tricking participants into commenting and sharing, the scammers can very effectively promote their bogus material across Facebook, gathering many more likes in the process.

Once the fake Page has accumulated a sizable amount of likes, it can be used to launch related fraudulent activities such as survey scams, this time to a much larger audience.  Alternatively, the Page can be sold on the black market to other scammers and repurposed to suit the new owner’s goals. Pages with high numbers of likes are a valuable commodity and command quite high prices.

Scams like this one are very common. Similar versions have falsely promised to give away other luxury vehicles including BMW’s, Harley Davidson’s, and Lamborghini’s.

Last updated: December 19, 2016
First published: November 19, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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