“Answer To Your Application” Spam Deliberately Targets Job Seekers

Email that is supposedly an answer to a job application claims that the company is “impressed by your background”  and invites you to click a link to apply for a well-paid job.

The email is not a genuine answer to any job application and it is not offering any genuine jobs. Instead, it is spam designed to trick you into visiting a decidedly dodgy website that claims that you can quickly become a millionaire by signing up to a scammy “Free Money System”.

The deliberately deceptive wording of the spam email is obviously targetted directly at job seekers. Those looking for work may have applied for many jobs. So, at first glance, the email may appear to be a response to one of those applications.

Of course,  many people who are tricked into clicking the link will quickly realise that the supposed job offer is a scam. But, more naive job seekers – especially those that are becoming desperate to find some sort or paid work – may be taken in by the hyped-up nonsense they view on the website and sign up for the scheme.

The dishonest and unscrupulous perpetrators of these spam emails are quite willing to target vulnerable members of our communities to further their own nefarious ends. These people are beneath contempt.

Note there are many variations of these fake job application emails all of which open the same types of scam “get rich quick” websites.

Subject: Answer to your application

Private and confidential


We’re looking for a new person to join our team.We were impressed by your background and hope that you’d like to apply as fast as possible.

We’re offering:
– Home office
– A stable base salary of $7500 + commissions
– Great bonus ladder
– Flexible hours based on your needs

We’ve prepared information which will describe the job and our business in more detail.
You’ll find the information here.

We only have a few open positions left, so we recommend that you’ll apply as fast as possible.

Apply now – click here

Best regards,
The HR-Department

Job Application Spam Email

Last updated: February 6, 2017
First published: February 6, 2017
By Brett M. Christensen
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